Dear friends, the following paragraph is the last part of an essay and I want to want to make sure that it has no grammatic errors. Could you please please check it out? Thanks.

In the final analysis, despite I would concede that adopting animals in our labs may bring about favorable features, this policy definitely undermines the well-being of animals and our moral values. Overall, it is high time that authorities, communities and people concerned strike a balance between protecting animals and killing them.
wang.cupidadopting animals in our labs may bring about favorable features
There's no grammatical error here, but the word choice seems strange. "Features" seems particularly weak, and "adopting" could be ambiguous in view of the recent push to adopt endangered animals.

Best regards, - A.
I think the paragraph is fine. I would change "despite" to "although" and perhaps change "people concerned" to "concerned citizens".
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