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I'm not a native speaker of English, so I guess proofreading is necessarily for my essay. And, could you please look for non English phrases or expressions as I might not notice them, but you certainly will recognize that it is a strange way of expressing a point. Suggestions are always welcomed. I would really appreciate your effort in helping me.
This essay is intended as a reaction paper for a university course. The pronoun I is emphasized, and that is why I have used it a lot.

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My Life and Human Evolution

As a part of this continuous evolution, I can probably see human evolution through my life. Human ancestors started from a primitive way of living, and eventually made it through what we are now, and how our life is much more sophisticated. In comparison, I or any person living started his life without a prior knowledge about life, or skills that would make it easier for him to adapt to it, but eventually made it through life, and became knowledgeable and skilful. I can see a relation between the two. If I would zoom into my life and remember my thoughts and feelings about it while I was going through it, I would probably imagine or understand how it would feel going through all this years of evolution to this time just like a person living from the beginning to the moment.

When I was a child, I wasn't hopeless or disappointed that I was just new to this life without the power or freedom to control or manipulate things around me. Nevertheless, life was so easy going, simple, and mysterious. I was happy much more than a grown person, but I wasn't realizing it. I was looking forward to growing up, and gaining more knowledge to understand and control aspects around me. Year after another, I learn more about life and have a broader look over it. But, I have noticed a strange thing going on. Every year, when I think about the one before, I find myself happier and living a simpler life than the year I'm in. Life isn't as good as it used to be even though the second year I have achieved more of what I was looking for and became more informed, I feel the first one was better in terms of happiness. The more I go back in years the more life was wonderful and nice. I have realized that the more I know about life the more it becomes complicated. That is probably due to the fact that when I understand more about things around me, I become aware of more issues which lead to more worry. More negative ideas are available to my mind, and there is more possibility that things get worse. Life isn't that simple anymore. But, that does not mean that I do not want to go on. I still in my nature want to discover more issues and achieve more of my dreams, while I know that life is going to be more complicated.

Human evolution could be understood like this. In the beginning, it is so simple and nice, and I'm sure that people at that time are much happier than us since they had less to worry about. As years pass by, humans start to create and invent new things which make life easier in one aspect, but much more complicated in others. For example, humans started with no tools, but once they started making them they brought the whole issue of weapons. Also, if a person living thousands of years ago, he would not realize the danger of diseases that could be caused by viruses, the effect of polluting the environment, or even that a shooting star could hit the earth. His life is obviously simpler than now, and he is certainly happier. Just like a child growing up, the more time pass by the more life becomes complicated.

The evolution keeps going on because that is how nature works, and humans keep looking forward to the future because that is their nature to achieve their goals. They will always try to improve their life no matter what the consequences could be, and the price could be their happiness.

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