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I'm not a native speaker of English, so I guess proofreading is necessarily for my essay. And, could you please look for non English phrases or expressions as I might not notice them, but you certainly will recognize that it is a strange way of expressing a point. Suggestions are always welcomed. I would really appreciate your effort in helping me.
This essay is intended as a reaction paper for a university course. The pronoun I is emphasized, and that is why I have used it a lot.

Thank you very much in advance. I hope it is not too longEmotion: smile.


Adaptation can be defined in anthropological terms briefly as the interaction process between changes an organism makes in its environment and changes the environment makes in the organism. In my case, the environment was the most influential part. I used to live in a nuclear family where every member of the family felt obliged to help and take care of the others. There, no one is expected to face his problems alone, no one is expected to carry the burden alone, and even it is not true that it is your own responsibility to decide in difficult situations without taking the other members' concerns into account. Life there could be described as living on a ship where your acts could sink the whole ship if you weren't very careful. Whenever you are in trouble you feel overwhelmed by the reaction of the people around you. Everyone wants to contribute, to take part in the helping process. It is not only in crisis, but even in the smallest parts of everyday matters. I was dependant on others majorly in my life, and also they were dependant on me in parts of their life. Not to mention the routinely stuff like cooking for example, and other household duties. I rarely needed to cook my own dinner which I regarded as a normal thing. I can describe that as group subsistence where the division of labour is obvious almost in everything. It has all been changed since I've moved to Vancouver. The environment changed completely from group subsistence patterns to individual subsistence patters. Suddenly, I'm alone taking responsibility over everything and anything going on in my life. There is no one dependant on me, and I'm independent from others. Things that were rare became usual and things that were usual became rare. It was hard on me to adapt to this sudden change in my life, but eventually I have adapted to it by developing new strategies, and organizing my life in a way I could handle all the duties by myself. Learning that I'm responsible for everything in the house made me change my way of looking to things around me. I started to divide my week to days for certain type of work, and not to mention the great change in my daily routine. It is rare that I don't cook my meals for example. What I'm trying to say that people sometimes adapt to new environment where they never imagined themselves to do. So, people are adaptable in nature they can almost adapt to any environment and, my case is just a simple example where the environment change completely to the opposite and still I'm able to adapt to it successfully. Meaning that the environment is what shapes the individual into what he thinks he is more than it is his nature to be the way he is, and it does alter him much more than how he thinks he has altered it.
You need to use paragraphs, it is difficult to even read a single huge block of text like this.
Yeah, you are right. I have looked at it, and restructured it into paragraphs.