Topic: The best way to solve world’s environmental problem is increase the cost of fuel. Do you agree or disagree and give your own opinion?

My essay:

Throughout decades, the concern over environmental problems generally seems to be major. Regarding methods to tackle these issues, there is an opinion that fuel cost being increased would be most effective. I totally disagree with this statement, as fuel price does not guarantee thorough environmental improvements, and there are also much better ways to achieve this.

First, increasing the cost of fuel has little impact on the betterment of environment due to its lack of practicality. Apparently, high fuel price does not fully mean people would use less motor vehicle, the cause of exhaust fumes, as long as they can afford the price. Costs of fuel rising, on the other hand, may trigger a large group of people who have been used to travelling by cars or motorbikes, making it challenging for the government to implement this measure. Additionally, for some industries such as aviation and manufacturing, eliminating fossils fuel as the main resource is virtually impossible. This can clearly be seen in the escalating amount of coal, gas, and oil consumption in the last ten yeas due to its density and convenience.

Second, it is evident that environment degradation results from various other humans’ activities, not restricted solely to means of transportation. Indeed, cutting down trees for planting crops and raising livestock has exacerbated deforestation, affecting directly wild animals’ habitat. Therefore, planting new trees to expand the forest area on earth, and improving soil so that it can absorb carbon dioxide would be appropriate solutions. Besides, water and beach pollution may stem from the misbehavior of numerous tourists leaving their waste behind after visiting, which wreaks havoc on marine species. To manage this issue, some governments have adopted strict measures as monetary fine. For example, the authority in Danang, Vietnam has imposed the amount of fine up to million Vietnamdongs on those who litter near beaches.

In conclusion, increasing the cost of fuel is not the best step towards bettering the environment due to its ineffectiveness. Other causes of environmental degradation, as well as their practical solutions should also be considered.

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