Hi everyone, could you please help me revise the following email which will be sent to my supervisor. Thank you in advance!
It was great meeting you last week. Thank you for offering so much information and advice on the project.

I will be able to work fulltime on the MSc project from May 11 onwards after the exam week(May 1 - May 8).

With respect to the Challenge, I would be happy to work with you on the project from Apr 20 to Apr 30. I read from the website that testing sentences will be released on Apr 20, so does it mean that my job will mainly involve doing listening tests for the system?

Thank you,

Second paragraph: Insert a space after the k in the word "week" before the parenthesis - week (May 1

Change "I read from the website" to "I read on the website"

Besides those two changes, it is very good.