Could someone pleasecheck my poor English in a letter of motivation for university? Emotion: smile Thanks a lot in advance!!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Working experience in social and marketing research company where I had participated in conducting projects in different fields for local companies and companies around the world gave me the opportunity to understand and discover different economical, political and cultural local events and compare it with the situation about the globe. Work for Research Company is giving me a lot of joy by discovering new every day. I have a passion for research and I am especially interested in further developing my skills in social research. I would like to continue working in this field and would be very interested in getting Masters degree in sociology.

I graduated of for Public Relations specialization in , Almaty. My degree focuses on sociology and public relations. We were studying such subjects as public relations, mass communications, sociology, consulting in public relations, marketing research in public relations etc. My diploma project was based on research that I conducted on the perspectives of development consulting practice in public relations. During my studies I have paid a special attention and was especially interested in consulting practice.

My interest to sociology and social research started from the university where we had a strong teacher for this subject – Professor of sociology and the owner of his own marketing and social research company at the same time. He was preparing his unique teaching program which contained his wide experience in conduction marketing and social researchers. Thank to his real work in this field we could also understood not only theoretical aspect of the social and marketing research but also got an a clear idea of how can we conduct the real research on any subject if we had a chance to do it in a real company and how can we apply the results of the research.

Then my knowledge very smoothly came to the real practice. First I was participated in the student’s annual competition with PR-project based on the results of marketing research were I became a winner. Then while I was studying in the 3rd year I got a part-time job as an interviewer in research company. It was not easy work for me but alone with the pocket money it got me more involved in a social research practice.

Upon graduation I was offered to work for the company of my professor in his research company and to deep my knowledge in sociology and marketing research but I refused as at that moment I was already employed for an American company as an business development specialist where my main responsibilities were in public relations field. It was important for me at that moment to get working experience in foreign company and also I wanted to try myself in public relations field as it was my specialization. This working experience were also important for me as it gave me a chance to understand what I really want to do in the future so after I while I was employed to the research company where I still work.

My current work is giving me the opportunity to discover and research absolutely different subjects in a social and marketing field. This experience helps me to understand different aspects of local development and how it connected with the country’s social and globalization process.

With the strong interest to the social research, I am searching for the opportunity to get an additional education where I could focus on theoretical sociology, social research and international development.

There are several companies in who conducting marketing and social researches and only few specialists who have an international experience and education in foreign universities who are working in this field. With a solid foundation in academic theory gained through the Master’s Degree program in sociology at the I am confident that I will have the skills and knowledge that will enable me, as social researcher, to deal with the complex issues of the social research in my country. The balance of a working practice and understanding of academic principles along with the international practice will help me be more independent in my research practice and bring more fresh ideas in development of this field.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.
Your motivation letter is very good as it represents your interest in the masters degree well. I'm interested in knowing if you got a positive response. Did you get a spot in the prorm?
Nope! Unfortunatelly I got a refusal Emotion: smile Even it was being corrected by the native speakers but anyway it didn't work:) I will try my luck next year again.

Thanks for asking!