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Security cameras and privacy.

Security cameras are becoming commonplace everywhere. Most people feel more safety when there are security cameras around. However, many people think that they have lost their privacy due to those cameras. This essay will look at the positive and negative aspects of security cameras.

Wherever we go, we can find a security camera watching our moves. We can see them in supermarkets, malls,subway, ATMs, an so on. Supposedly they are installed to guarantee our security. However, thieves and burglars usually know where they are installed and even how to disconnect them, so when the time comes to protect us against the offenders they do not work anymore. In spite of that fact, most shops, banks and households trust these cameras with their security.

On the other hand, nowadays cameras can be found not only in shops and banks, but even in streets watching the passers-by. Some people fell ill at-ease whey they think that dozens of cameras are watching them, and that their moves can be tracked down. As for me, I wouldn’t take a French leave <<< you need to say this some otheray, I don't understand knowing that I can be recorded anywhere. Moreover, I would think twice before going out with a guy who is not my husband or boyfriend.

In conclusion, our security comes with a price to be paid. We must decide between increasing our levels of security and losing our privacy. In my view, within a few years we will be used to living among security cameras and everybody will feel as if we were being watched by Big Brother.
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The idiom French leave is taken from Cambridge dictionary on-line. Maybe it is a well-worn expression that is not used anymore.

French leave old-fashioned, humorous
a period when you are absent from work without asking for permission
In the 18th century in France, it was the custom to leave an official event or party without saying goodbye to the person who had invited you.
Is Ray really ill again, or is he just taking French leave?
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As for me, I wouldn’t take [a] French leave knowing that I can be recorded anywhere.

Yes, I know this idiom. If you want to use it, it looks very odd unless you omit the article. I'd say it's also sufficiently uncommon today that it sounds odd in your sentence. In addition, it's not very clear from your context that you are talking about work. That's why I wasn't sure what you meant by it. I'd suggest you say this in another way.

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