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Childlike Innocence

“Turning-point ITSELF was the creator of the new condition. This gives it too much distinction, too much prominence, too much credit.” -- Mark Twain

When I was a child, I had a very cute ruler. Based on the instructions, I could easily figure out how to draw a thirty-degree, a sixty-degree, or a right angle. My naive brain was always thinking: if everything could be drawn only with a solid frame like ruler, life would be much simpler but blissful. I thought if a turning point could just be as an angle, which could be constructed from my cute ruler. If the ruler was fixed carefully, “my life” would be shaped easily. However, with the steps of growing (as I grow older), I started to understand little by little that the turning points would not end with my predictions. Those turning points pave an unknown and unlimited life path for me.

While you are standing in a cornfield, the weather may become kindly warm with sunshine, and it may also turn to severe cold with blizzard. As you turn to a corner of a street, you may see a rose seller with balmy lovely smelling roses; or, a rude rubber with a shooting gun. Before actually making the turn, no one will know what will appear behind that corner, what secrets that are covered by it, and what is waiting for you. It can be flower, tomb, jewelry, and litter… This leave a question that whether I should make the turn confidently and hope for the best about what may come, or run away with waving goodbye to the uncertainties?

The last school I have attended was located in China, a country with a huge population. The school had a highly competitive education system. Every student in the school will be ranked after each and every single test or exam. What was even crueler was that the ranking position will decide which class the student would go to. For example, Class One, the so-called “Rocket Class”, grouped those students who ranked 70th or above in whole school. Therefore, Class One was the best class in the school, and it was the aim for most students including myself. I studied in Class Three initially, which was not very good compare to Class One, for about two years. I hoped that I could enter the “Rocket Class” so much that it was even showed up in my dreams. Finally, one day after a test, I ranked 54th in the whole school. I got into that class with no doubt. That day, I smiled. It was the first time I went into the class I dreamed and worked hard for. That day, I cried. I would have to go under even more pressures from my teachers, parents, and myself.

The happiness was full of my head. But I didn’t see the dangerous of myself. I forgot a proverb says that “Joy surfeited turns to sorrow”. Things started to change.

In order to “survive” in “Rocket Class”, I gave up all of my spare time. I didn’t hang out with my friends, and didn’t play sports at all. I had no time for TV shows or computer games. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, all of these “useless” materials filled up my brain. Pressures from the peer, parents, teachers, and myself created of my unhealthy and heavy atmosphere around me. And then, I lost; I was kicked out of that class due to all kinds of pressures. My parents were disappointed and so did I. That day, I cried. I was kicked out of my dreaming Class One. That day, I smiled. That was the first time I realized what is failure and what is a truly myself.

(That night, I had a dream Emotion: smile I misunderstood the mission of get into Class One as the range lights on the sea that drove (point) me to the bright. So I rowed my little boat toward it without any hesitations, and I kept rowing, and rowing. When I almost reached there, I found it was the centre of the storm; it was --- the Perfect Storm. Although I had gone toward that point, I didn’t have any joyful feelings about looking at the sunshine inside it. Instead what I saw was only a rusty boat and myself with a black and blue allover. I was thinking: The boat gave up a lot for me, but who knew what was his feeling?

How many turning points did I have? They were countless because there was not a certain scale to measure it (immeasurable). For instance, what was opportunity for me, and what was not? What was dangerous (for me), and what was not? What was daydreaming (for me), and what was not? What was right, what was wrong, what was…? There were no certain rules to define that, so counting of my turning points was an impossible mission. But, I did know the number of scars on my skin, and the number of petals I had collected.

As a seventeen years old adolescent, I had experienced only a small part of my life. However, it involved successes and setbacks, joys and sorrows, happiness and depressions. All of them were walking along with me during these seventeen years. But what was connecting those extremely opposite parts? The answer was “Turning Points”. As a sample of mathematics showed, the graph of a quadratic equation always has two parts, a decreasing part and an increasing part. Two possible points for connecting them together were the maximum point and the minimum point. Just like life, something process smoothly without a hitch usually has a highest watershed point, which would start to decrease, and depressions did not usually stay for a long time. The “hook”, turning point, connected them. Life had many turning points. Each turning point involved a choice, a decision to be made. After these years’ memorable experience, nowadays’ me, would not want to make any turning points painstakingly for my own life. All I wanted was just using my eternal childlike innocence to breath, to love, and to live!
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hello. i've read through your essay and i think it's rather good...however, my english is not that good also so I can't correct you or anything...sorry....I also need to improve on my writing...=)
i, myself have to write a turning point essay, and i read yours and it was great, i'm not sure if u should cahnge it or not but i think u worked hard on it so bravo!