Hello everybody and tanks in advance.

I would like to know what do you think about my letter. I accept all suggestions to improve my english. I'am italian and I would like to write good english but I think that this is a simple translation from italian to english.

Now I write a simple letter.

A letter to India.

Dear Amet,

Thanks for your letter. I am sending you some more picture postcards to add to your collection. In your next letter, please tell me more about all the animals in India - how I should love to ride an elephant or to go hunting tigers! I have read everything Kipling has written about India, especially the < Jungle Books> which I know almost by heart. You asked me in a previous letter to tell you about English food. I am afraid it will seem rather dull to you, but I will try. In England we have four meals a day. In the morning we have breakfast which is a full meal with porridge, beacom and eggs, toast and marmelade and tea or coffee. At one o'clock we have lunch which consist of soup, meat or fish, and pudding or fruit. About four o'clock we have tea when we eat bread and butter with jam, biscuits, cakes, and, of course, we drink tea. In the evening we have dinner, which is similar to lunch but is perhaps more elaborate, at least when we invite friends to dine with us. Sometimes, however, we do not have a formal dinner but we eat something extra at tea-time, and then we have supper later in the evening before going to bed, after we have watched television or been to the cinema or the theatre. So now, amet, I have explained our meals to you. Please tell me all about your animals and hunting in India in your next letter to which I look forward very much. Your affectionate friends. Anywhere007.
Your letter is quite good, Anywhere.

breakfast, which
I suppose you mean bacon, and marmalade is spelled thus.
lunch, which consists
tea, when
is always capitalized
letter, to which
Your affectionate friend

Always leave two blank spaces after the period at the end of a sentence.
thank you very much for your advisiors.
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your writing skills is very good ..what is the majority detail in your letter?