Could you please help me correct these sentences and tell me what you think of my corrections?

1 She took out all the trash but one/except for one. BOTH
2 He crashed in/on the first lap so how to drive perfect from there on out to make up time. (race game) NOT SURE HOW TO PHRASE
3 You gets stars based on/depending on your experience. BOTH
4 I cleaned up the broken glass the best I could. OK or AS BEST I COULD
5 I've never driven on this course. Let me drive one lap to familiarize myself with it.
6 The bus turn (around) the corner. NO AROUND
7 It's usually not this light/lit out at this hour. The lamp post went out as it's light enough out. OK BOTH
8 The drilling noise started just as/right when I picked up the phone. BOTH JUST AS BETTER
9 I kissed her thinking she was someone else. (masked ball) OK
10 Let there be no one home. If someone's home I'm dead. OK
11 It's warm enough to go out in/with a t shirt. IN
12 Even though/if she has a nice face, I don't like her. EVEN THOUGH
13 I really thought the movie would be worse/was going to be worse. BOTH
14 Those can't be your color eyes. Those must be lenses. NOT SURE
15 I came to/toward you and you pushed me away. TO or TOWARD , I'd say TO
16 He's very bony now, but in a few month you'll see how built he will be.
17 What people in the US are listening to we listen to 6 months after. We're behind with/on music. Emotion: musicNOT SURE HOW TO PHRASE
18 I'm going to try to help (in) anyway possible. OPTIONAL
19 You're teeth aren't firmly in place. To prevent them from moving, put a mouth piece in. (teeth after having had braces on) OK I THINK

Thank you
1 Trash cans. 'Trash' is non-countable. Otherwise, either is fine.

2 Try again! I can't figure out what you mean.

3 both (get)

4 either

5 ok

6 turns no 'around'

7 both

8 either

9 her (+ comma)

10 ok

11 either

12 even though

13 both

14 That can't be your natural eye color....

15 to

16 how well built, how nicely built

17 six months later -- behind on

18 in

19 your (you're = you are---your = possessive

Far too many examples for one post. I almost quit half-way.
1) both are correct

2) "He crashed in the first lap, so he has to drive perfectly from here on out to make up for the time loss." sounds better
3) "You gets stars" Both ways are correct.
4) either "the best I could" or "as best as I could"
5) Ok
6) either "turns around" or "turns at"
7) "Light" is the correct word. "Lit" is a verb and should not be used as a noun.
8) "started when I picked up the phone", "just as I picked up the phone", or "just right after I picked up the phone."
9) Ok
10) "Let there be no one at home."
11) "in" is correct
12) "Even though" and "Even if" are interchangeable; they mean the same thing.
13) correct
14) "This can't be your real eye color. It must be from lenses." if the color of both eyes are the same, then "this" must be used, not "those" because color indicating it's a singular. Unless you mean the person has different eye colors, then change to "These can't be your real eye color. they must be from lenses."
15) "came toward" is used with real distance (measurable), but "came to" could mean emotional distance (unmeasurable). Use them according to the meaning you want to express.
16) ok
17) "What people in the US are listening to we listen 6 months afterward. We are behind in music."
18) "any way possible". Yes, "in" is optional
19) "Your teeth aren't firmly in place." the sentence is ok.

You are welcome Emotion: smile