Can you tell me what you think of the few questions I have for the sentences?

Is it natural to say “adrenaline is highest” and “adrenaline drops”?

Your adrenaline is highest when your about to jump out of the plane. Once in the air, adrenaline drops.

Can you say “lukewarm”? Can you describe burger as freshly made”? Would you use “it” or “I”?

The burgers are always lukewarm so although they are freshly made, it feels/I feel like they’ve been sitting on the counter forever.

Is this correct? Can you say the road is straight?

Having a car in front of you on the highway when it’s dark helps. You know when there is a bend in the road and when the road is straight.

Is it natural to “take a bend at”?

He took the bend at 70mph and drove off into the ravine.

Thank you

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