Which do think is correct?

He is a patient of Dr. Shafritz.

He is a patient of Dr. Shafritz's.
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Grammar Geekexplain it by saying whether the person would "claim" the subject
Yes. That "kinda, sorta" works for me. But you wouldn't use the double genitive with an inanimate object, I don't think, but I could be wrong. A symphony of Mozart. A novel of Hardy. Difficult topic.


I think we would for the thing "being claimed" - I like the example of

A picture of Alex. -- Alex is the subject of the picture.

A picture of Alex's. -- Alex either owns the picture or took/drew the picture.

But not: A feature of the picture's. A phrase of the symphony's.

All this shows is that we won't have universal agreement, will we? (But universal confusion? We can probably agree on that!)

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Grammar Geekuniversal confusion?
Oh, yes! Please! Let's have more of that!

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He is a patient of Dr. Shafritz's.

He is a patient of Dr shafritz

Is correct


He is a patient of Dr shafritz

is correct

No, it isn't. There's a capital letter and two periods missing.

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Patient of dr. Smith

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