Hi teachers,
Could you tell me how do you write a home phone ringing sound?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't understand your question.

We can write words, essays, novels, sentences, plays and articles.

I've heard of writing music but never writing sounds.
Hi AS,
Sorry I haven't expressed myself clearly. What I meant was onomatopoeia for phone sounds.

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Thinking SpainCould you tell me how to write a home phone ringing sound?
Are you referring to an onomatopoeia?

I would think simply ring would usually do the trick. Maybe brrring, brrring.
Hi AG,
Yes, I've just wrote that.

Thinking SpainYes, I've just written that.
Hi, TS,

I didn't see your post until after I posted. See edit for my answer.
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Hi AG,
Thank you for your reply and corrections. I just can't do three things at the same time. If I do that's the result!Emotion: angry

That's OK! I'm not a great multi-tasker myself. Emotion: smile

You can spell it a few different ways.

My favorite:

Blrlrlrlrlrl. Blrlrlrlrlrlr.

But that isn't the exact sound.

It's more like

Blingbring. Blingbring

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