Could you please help me correct these sentences?

1 How long do we have to wait before it is done./for it to finish.
2 Its the same brand that makes these as those./ The (same/same) brand that makes these also makes those.
3 What did you get from the deal./out of the deal.
4 Don't disturb/disrupt the peace and quiet of the place.
5 Pink is a girls color to begin with/most of all/first of all./ most importantly.

6 Don't get fluff/lint on my black shirt.
7 I've got these jeans as a guide/mark. If I can't fit in them I know I'm too fat. (how would you say?)
8 I know all the shirts that I have but if you were to steal one I wouldn't notice/know which one you've stolen. (how would you say this?)

9 When I hear Nike, I think Shoes./When I see Nike, I think Shoes.

thank you
1. either way

2. second choice

3. either

4 both ok

5 girl's -- first of all

6 lint

7 guide

8 know

9 either
I wonder if you realize that people are tired of answering the same questions and correcting the same mistake which you seem to have ignored?
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Let me show people that I am willing to give it a try.

1 BOTH seem OK to me
2 BOTH seem fine.
4 Disturb
6 I don't know
7 I don't know
8 both are fine
9 When I hear Nike i think shoes.

Could someone please tell me what they think about my corrections?

Thank you
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