Hi my friends,
I know this is not the place to ask so, but I am really eager to know what are my mistakes in English, because I have no friend who is very well in English to help me but this place.

I have a webblog in English and I am looking forward to find out at what points I have problem in English,
Could you visit my blog and correct me in comments if you see any mistakes, or any amendment in sentences

I don't expect you explore all the topics there but even a small correction would be gratly appreciated

thank you again in advance

here is my weblog address: brainable.blogspot.com

You will get more responses if you post here, directly in the Forum, any sentences you would like us to check for you.

It's better not to post anything too long.Emotion: wink

Clive in
Thanks Emotion: wink
but they are a lot and it's not good to copy them here Emotion: sad
apart from that, I don't know which has mistakes and which one not.

thank you again