Hi, Im new to article writing, and not much confident at english writing, since english is not my mother tounge, still i've started a new blog in english.
Could you please review this new post that i've just started and tell me few gramatical mistakes and what can i do to imporove my writing gramatically...or may be how long can it take me to improve my writing (looking at all my english writing).. if I set my mind on it.
http://www.techloose.com/2008/06/building-page-rank-pr /
thank you.
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Welcome to the forums, love_bug.

You'll get a better response if you post directly in the forums, rather than a link to another site.
Thank you for reply greek, I just want to know how my writings are on that blog, and how do i appeal to reader.. i don't want you to read whole site..also i don't want to annoy you by posting whole articles here. just want to know how i write by you looking at few phrases on that site...! thanks.
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Building page rank is a gradual process, you can not think of getting page rank overnight, it takes lots of patience and dedication, the most common way to build PR (Page rank) is to get a simple text link from another site.
My first observation: You need to use PERIODS (or full stops, as you prefer) and not join sentence after sentence after sentence with commas.

(Also, you need to be more consistent in your capitalization. Either it's Page Rank or it's page rank, but it's not Page rank in the middle of a sentence.)

Thanks a lot sir, well that means i don't really have to worry much about grammer? i can now relax and improve on my next blog post.
thanks for having me here! see you .
Thanks a lot sir (GG is a lady!), well that means I i don't really have to worry much about grammar grammer? I i can now relax and improve on my next blog post.
Thanks for having me here! See you .
I hope that's a bit better GG.
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Thanks Opti.

love_bug, your flaws with commas are serious grammatical flaws. I'm not sure how you read what I wrote and thought you had no problems.
Hi thanks for replying, that article is not the first one I wrote, I used to write lots of english article in my early years, dispite english being my second language. Well I do use lots of commas and less periods. I can not determine how short the pause should be inbtween periods or commas. Also i can not determine the use of "on" and "at" i really get confused, another is "people" meaning gourp of persons, but its singular? and what is "peoples"?
A lot of people get confused about prepositions, so don't worry so much about that.

People is more than one person. Unless you are an anthropologist, don't worry about using "peoples."

You do need to learn how to use the period correctly. It ends a complete sentence. Use a comma to join two complete sentences only if you also use a conjunction. In the little bit that I read, you had several complete sentences simply joined with a comma. That's completely wrong. See this: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/grammar/g_comma.html
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