If someone can help I am happy I need to know countable and uncountable nouns for homework

I need to know bold words are countable or uncountable but do not understand

1. The windows are made of glass.

2. She has a glass of milk

3. Would you like some milk?

4. Would you like a coke?

I will say what I think can someone tell me if I am wrong or right and explain why thank you

1. uncountable

2. countable

3. uncountable

4. countable

Thank you for your help

Correct. Emotion: smile

Would you like to try some more?

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Hi Clive

Please can you explain why 'coke' is countable in the fourth sentence mentioned above?



Used that way, it means a glass of Coke / a can of Coke/ a drink of Coke.

Similary, we say things like

eg Would you like a beer?

eg I bought two coffees and a tea.

The word 'Coke' should really have a capital, as it's a proper noun.

Best wishes, Clive


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