In the following sentence which is the right word Emotion: big smileoes micro-finance has or have any impact in generating productive assets for single mothers in the country? I presume the right word is has. Is'nt the word micro-finance considered singular ? Please clarify.Thanks
The right word is "have."

In questions and interrogative sentences, the verb "to do" carries the inflection. The main verb remains in the base form, or bare infinitive.
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The correct word is 'have'. The finite verb is 'does'. Micro-finance is uncountable. Microfinance does have impact....
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if you use DO DOES DID the verb is always in base form

do doe did + Vbase
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mudclayif you use DO DOES DID the verb is always in base form
do doe did + Vbase
True. I neglected to include affirmation: "I do repudiate them."
What do you mean by base form?


Some of the tenses require "helping verbs" (auxilliary verbs) in their formation.
When this happens, the main verb usually does not change for person and number, or for present and past.
One form the main verb often takes in these cases is called "the base form," and it's the same as the infinitive without the "to," or the simple present tense, first person singular.
(In other cases, the participles are used.)

(to go)

I will go.
I shall go.

I did go.
I do go.
He does go.
I can go.
I must go.
I could go.

I should go.
I would go.
I don't go.

"Go" is the base form of this verb.
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