Complete the series:

Chad, France, Iceland, Singapore, ?
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This is a language riddle, more exactly, about vowels.
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It is not Nicaragua. What prompted you to think that country.
Hint: how many vowels do we have?
Chad (1 vowel)
France (2)
Iceland (3)
Singapore (4)

Uruguay? (5 vowels if you count the y)

Oops. Nicaragua also has 5, so maybe I'm wrong.
Mozambique ... it has one of each vowel. ?????
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Yes, Mozambique has one of each vowel.

Chad has A
France has A,E
Iceland has A,E,I
Singapore has A,E,I,O
Mozambique has A,E,I,O,U
Thanks Elena, and thanks to Mozambique and that crazy French spelling that made it all possible! Emotion: smile
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