In cities, there are many tall buldings and cars.
In the country, there is a lot of land and animals.

My questions are...

1. In the second sentence, why "in the country" not "in the countries" ?

2. In the second sentence why "there is...." not "there are..." ?

Please help and thanks in advance.
1. Here "country" is used in an uncountable sense and means land that is not built on. In the countable sense, "country" means "nation", so "in the countries" would refer to several different nations and would not make sense in this context.

2. "is" agrees with "a lot of land" which is grammatically singular because "land" is used uncountably. Compare: "There is a lot of land" with "There are a lot of trees". I find the combination "There is a lot of land and animals" grammatically slightly unsatisfactory because of the mismatch between "land" (uncountable) and "animals" (countable).
Thanks a lot, Mr Wordy.