How about no more games or puzzles untill I have a little thing
called court date/day and a little friend called a lawyer?
Which is the right one date or day? And what does this combination of words mean?
The "court date" is the date scheduled to appear in court.

More context is needed. Is one person suing the other? Is one person under arrest for a crime?
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A woman is being held by the Department of Domestic Security.
And one man runs her through a series of tests because she's smarter than the average.
And, yes, they never gave her to use her legal rights.
Man: You committed an act of treason.
Woman: I'm not a spy. I don't deserve to be held in some low rent Gitmo wannabe.

What does this part mean too?
Gitmo is the slang for the prison in Cuba where the US holds the people the government suspects of being terrorists (Guantonamo Bay - I'm not sure of my spelling). She's comparing her treatment to that received by people who will be sent to Gitmo. (I didn't know civilians used that term - it's what the military has called it for years.)

She is demanding her legal rights - a date in court for her arraignment, legal representation, etc.
Thanks, Barbara!
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