Brother's wife is called sister-in-law.

What about cousin's wife?


Usually I would just call my cousin's wife "cousin." If the exact details were important, I would say "my cousin's wife" or "my cousin by marriage." I don't think people say "cousin-in-law" - that would be too logical!
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Hi this is tony jones yes when your blood cousin gets married whether he is straight or gay your cousins wife or husband is correct because legally she or he is only your cousin by the law of her marriage to your blood cousin more commonly speaking its called a cousin in law but by law she or he is legally your cousin if your cousin divorces his wedded spouse then the correct title will be ex cousin by marriage. Because the relationship you had with this person was a cousin relationship and cousin inlaw is mentioned in alot of dictionary its not sister inlaw if your cousin get married that person becomes your cousin inlaw cousin by marriage is also used but know this your cousin wife is simply your cousin by marriage legally and officially you are this persons cousin through marriage. At the end of the day some people are writing lies and not speaking the propoer words in the dictionary yes your cousins wife is simply your cousin inlaw best said is also used cousin by marriage. Because the relationship you have withyour cousins wife is a by marriage relationship and she is your cousin legally by the law of the marriage certificate. In the eyes of the law she is legally your cousin but if she isnt married to your blood cousin yet then it is simply future cousin in law. Cousin inlaw is a relative because cousins are connected through blood and by marriage more commonly known as cousin by marriage and the word cousin inlaw should be clear in all dictionarys that make true since because indeed your cousin wife is your cousin by marriage. When a word is defined it means its a real word its not weird because legally your cousins married partener is your cousin inlaw

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