Hello my name is Sascha, next year I want apply for an internship at an English Organisation, so I hope that you can help me to correct my cover letter.
Here it is:

Dear Sir/Madam,

my name is ... and I would like to apply for the Internship at…..

I am presently studying ... at the University of ... at the end of my third year.

I focus on ....
As you can see from my enclosed resume, due to my job as student assistant I have acquired experience in the human resources field. I also learned to work in teams and motivate other staff members. Moreover, I have taken courses in Industrial Psychology and Marketing.

My job as student assistant gives me a wonderful insight into the real workings of business, above all because renowned enterprises such as ... or ... are involved in this project.

Thereby I have learned a variety of thinking strategies, experienced different approaches to

teaching and learning, communication and teamwork skills while working with people who have

a variety of personalities and ideas.

At this project I taught other students in the fundamentals of a well-known software product and was additionally responsible for the development of assessments and to hold presentations at German Organisations.To improve my English skills and knowledge about the human resources field, in February 2009 I am going to study one semester at the ... in ... after this six month, I wish to serve an Internship at the Human Resource Department of your Organisation.

As an open-minded and friendly person, I easily integrate into new teams. I am convinced that my communicative and conceptual skills will make me an asset to your department.

Sincerely yours, 
Can somebody correct this cover letter?