Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to apply for the position of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx as advertised at the xxxxxxxxxxxx webpage.

My strong interest in human rights and their protection was one of the major reasons why I chose to study law. During my studies I gained valuable experience in this field by working for several human rights oriented NGOs. After my graduation I started to work as a project coordinator and legal advisor for People Against Racism (PAR).

6 years of working for People Against Racism improved my ability to cope with many different tasks and provided me with various skills. In the course of my career at PAR I have successfully implemented several projects involving a high level of coordination and networking as well as intensive communication with foreign and domestic partners. I was also responsible for relations with foreign partners – not only NGOs and networks in the field of anti-racism, but also international human rights monitoring bodies. I represented PAR on many international conferences and coordinated the preparation of 4 such conferences in Slovakia. In the course of time I became the executive director of PAR, which added another aspect to my professional experience. Coordination of other team members, the ability to focus and prioritise, time constraints and strategic planning were all necessary aspects of my daily tasks.

Because of my strong dedication as well as my good presentation and communication skills PAR became an active and well-respected member of many international networks and projects. This included the creation of National Focal Point within the FRA`s RAXEN network, International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH), UNITED against racism, European Network Against Racism and others. Within the framework of INACH I was involved in the cooperation with ODIHR and I have attended many OSCE/ODIHR events. The knowledge of OSCE ways of operation, its aims and goals is another reason why I decided to apply for this position.

Being an optimistic and creative team player with very good presentation skills and a wide range of interests, I am also able to work alone. I feel I am the right person for this position due to my personal strengths in analytical thinking, organisation and problem solving, my very good communication skills and a long-standing familiarity with the complex issues of racism and human rights in general.
Dear friends,
please have a look at this letter and help me to improve it.
thanks a lot.
This topic help me a lot in developing my project. I will contribute more when I finished it.
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