Hello, guys! I'm French speaking and I would need someone to check the grammar of this letter Emotion: smile Thanks in advance!

Dear Sir or Madam,

being employed in the global management team in a multinational outsourcing company for the last years, I am particularly aware of the different requirements of this specific business and I’m desirous of developing my career in this environment by offering you my experience.

During my previous professional experiences, I gained high level competences related to the global auditing of customer care services and project implementation management.
Being 31 years of age, I have a Marketing Management degree, and since 2002 I have been promoted to a management position.
As a Quality & Training Manager for international companies, I could develop my competences in the continuous increase and improvement of the services provided to my clients. For this purpose, I created new concepts, solutions and procedures to enhance the quality of service and the information flows. The result of this approach was a significant increase of the level and quality of the service delivered, with a direct impact on the customers’ satisfaction.
As well, I have been involved in overseeing the creation and development of new projects, including the analysis of needs related to resources, systems, information and reporting tools and the operational launches in the different sites. Here the results were the increase of seats in each local contact centers.

I’m seeking for a middle management level function in which I could develop and enhance my competences in Quality Management, Training and Project Management, related the improvement of the customer care services in your company.

I would be happy to supply you with further information at an interview.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
HAVING been employed...
I HAVE gained
I am 31 years old,I have...position, as an improvement ...
I was able to develop...
I have also been involved... (you don't start a sentence with as well)

It's just my first guess, I'm no Moderator...
But one thing you should watch is TOO long sentences. I'm French speaking too, and the Anglo saxon mind doesn't work the way we do. There are some sentences you could cut in 2.
Thanks a lot already for the help!!!