I am not sure about whether it suits for covering letter, since it mostly shows the line of research previous as well as subsequent. Does it contain the right contets? Could you give some advices as to improve this letter?
Thank you for reading and advising in advance.

Dear Members of Research Committee,
I am writing to apply for Research Studentship in *** as advertised in your homepage. I have completed Master *** on *** in *** . Out of the conviction that I could contribute to develop the research quality of your centre I sumbit this letter of application.
During my studies in *** I have focussed on making convergence between literature and philosophy. In particular, apropos of the alterity embedded in "autobiography" as a part of modern narrative, namely "crisis of narrative" e.g. Dostoevsky's "Notes from Underground" I have gained much of ideas from postmodernism or (post)structuralism. Further, through the psychoanalytical reformulation of the status of modern subject I have come to the point where crisis of narrative would be bounded by the discrepancy of modern subject.
To this correlation of philosophy with literature within the tradition of French poststructuralism I have injected the context of German modern philosophy begun from transcendental philosophy of Kant, over the period of three year coursework and research in ***. At that time I have transformed the modern literary form such as autobiography, letters or novel into the neologism "Topo-Patho-Graphy" as a main title of master thesis. I have attempted there to show the possible reappropriation of the pathological at once employed in Practical Philosophy of Kant and revived by German Philosophy of Culture (Cassirer) & French Epistemology of Science (Canguilhem, Foucault). Especially with regards to the pathology in an era of late capitalism, I have a research plan to develop more points about the possible subject of the common motivated by the idea of communism. Not only do I refer to actaul issues such as financial crisis, but rather reformulate it through the paring of Kant and Marx or Philosophy and Economy, which I think might be urgent in an era of skepsis about the legitimity of philosophy. As showed in the sketch of theoretical transborderness form French theory to German philosophy. I dare to believe that my research in the future would make a contribution to expanding width and depth of Post-Kantian Philosophy in your centre. In addition to the theoretical journey my experience of teaching and leading the discussion aimed to undergraduate students would be surely dedicated to undertaking teaching and research assistant.
I have enclosed my CV, and you will be receiving my letters of recommandation in the near future. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely yours,
To go this much in depth about your research seems to be more of an abstract than a cover letter for your resume.
However, I would be more than happy to be able to help you format a more traditional cover letter if that's what you are wanting or I can proofread this letter if you prefer.

Please comment back and let me know =)
As you commented, I think so it's much abstract. I'd love to get your help to write it in a more conventional way. One more thing, that's the problem that there is not so much thing expressed about myself, e.g. academic accomplishment. How can it then be written longer? Moreover, the university said the letter of application should include how to contribute to the research institute.

Thank you very much and I am looking forward your answer.