I have prepared a covering letter for a position as trainee and would like to know if I had done it correctly. I would appreciate any idea in order to learn for the next one. Thank you for your time.

Here it is:

Dear YY,

I am writing to you with regard to your ad for the position of a Trainee in the International Affairs Department or a Trainee in the European Affairs Department. After reading the
job descriptions, I felt I could fulfil the requirements.

Since I have been aspiring to work at international organisations both positions you are offering reveal for me the unique opportunity to extend my multicultural practise
and to gain invaluable knowledge in international or European affairs.

In recent years I have had various work experience as a freelancer as well as a part
of a team, in very diverse environments, with and without clients, which has improved my problem-solving and networking abilities and also my organisational and communication skills. This enables me to deal with all the tasks mentioned in your ads as I have had similar responsibilities.

My experience in monitoring the development in national law areas such as
xx law and yy law, which I practised for three years at a notary's office in XX, could be very useful in order to monitor the developments in European law and practise.

In addition, I have already demonstrated my administrative abilities while working as a team leader of an administrative team at the XX where I was responsible for the organisation of the office work and the support of authorities as well as the communication with them in the field of mm law.

Due to the fact that I have become strongly dedicated to European law since attending a
seminar for it organised by the Academy for International Studies in Vienna in 2006, I would welcome the chance to do research on topics related to the EU policies and institutions and to show my intellectual as well as political curiosity.

On top of that, I am also interested in learning foreign languages, and
through this building my understanding and experiences
of other cultures and communities. Currently I am fluent in xx, yy, English and Russian and have a working knowledge of French as well as I am preparing for the examinations CPE in English (12/2007), DELF in French (01/2008) and Japanese (12/2007).

I would welcome the great opportunity to work as part of your successful
team, to benefit from your extensive experience, and to put my training, experience and enthusiasm into practice for your association.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
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I'm not a lawyer.Emotion: smile

How about just saying that you were responsible for advising on or interpreting restitution legislation?