which is the best way to teach covert or overt grammar?
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I'm NOT a teacher and I have no idea if this article is any good, but since I'd never heard "covert grammar" before, I had to Google. And found this. Try Googling "covert grammar" and see if any of the hits sound good to you.

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Guessing at the meaning of the question, I'd say a combination of both, but mostly covert. It also depends on the teacher, the students, and the purpose of the instruction.

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Back home in my country, the approach taken in learning English is CALT, stands for Communicative Language Teaching.

There are 2 views regarding teaching grammar in the context;

1)teaching accuracy prior to fluency

2)emphasis on communication skills and the rules of grammar will be acquired as students keep using the language

There is no agreement on which should precedes but I think it should be a balanced between both.A lesson plan should incorporates activites which cater the needs of both.