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The word "Coward" being an adjective. What is the reason the term "coward boy" is considered grammatically wrong ?
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The word 'coward' is not an adjective. It is a noun.
The adjective is 'cowardly': a cowardly boy.

Most people don't say Coward + Boy.
But you can.
It just seems a little awkward.

When you call someone a "Coward" most people Stack Insults.
Like if the are a Coward and a Fool (Uninformed and Stupid)
Or and "Coward" might only get their strength when they are hiding behind the uniform of a cop which has the protection of violent government.

The most modern way to call someone a "Coward" is to call them a "" (Female Dog). This comes from the American prison culture where America has the largest prison population in the world because of prosecuting people for drugs.
America is no longer a free country and we ask the international community to help us stop our government.
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Thank you Clive. But isn't by definition of an adjective "coward" is an adjective as it adds something to a noun ?

Broadly speaking, nouns can function as adjectives when placed in front of another noun.
eg a car door
eg brain surgery

But to native speakers, sometimes these phrases sound OK and sometimes they don't. Using 'coward' this way will, in my opinion, sound strange. This is probably because there is a common adjectival form (ie cowardly) available.There is no common adjectival form for eg car, eg brain.

Thank you Clive. I have one more question if you could kindly answer. There are so many phrasal verbs in the English language. Is there any method to learn them fast or does one need to cram them ?

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My advice is this.
Learn a few, and try to use them in your English.
Then learn a few more, etc.
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Why "coward boy" is incorrect?
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