Hi there. There is a part from CPE handbook, Sample Papers presenting some examples for ESOL Certificate in Proficiency English (CPE) (Cambridge University), Paper 1: Reading.

Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C,or D) best fits each gap.


Given that bureaucracy is held in such ill today, it is hard to remember that it was once considered a great organisational innovation. By organising the of labour, by making management and decision-making a profession, and by providing order and a set of rules that allowed many different kinds of specialists to work in co-ordination toward a common , bureaucracy greatly extended to the breadth and depth of intelligence that organisations could achieve. Begun as a system of organasing government activities, it has to big business and large organisations of all kinds. Max Weber, who the systematic study of bureaucracy as its role in western society began to explode in the late nineteeth century, saw bureaucracy as both most efficient possible system, and a threat to the basic liberties he dear, thus foreshadowing the sentiments which bureaucracy frequently evokes today.
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