Dear sir,

I am writing in response to your letter about the lack of role models today. Firstly, I think that our society is full of role models which are a reference no t only for some people, but also for the humanity. Secondly, I go along with you that the world is becoming gloomy, indiviudalistic and grievous, but, this is not a parameter to generalize the matter.

The world is full of references and models. Honestly speaking, I would like to mention na important human being; a pioneer in my country who has inspired the whole world. His name is Chico Mendes.Chico was a very simple man, rubber tapper,unionist and environmental ativist. He was popular for fighting against ranchers and deforestation of the Amazon forest. His lifestyle wasvery simple and allowed him to make a living without damaging the environment.

In view of this, Chico developed a strong social conscience about the forest , which was exremely important for his life. Chico started to work as a rubber stapper with his family in Acre State, Brazil. Around the years , due to the dispute for land and richnesses, some conflicts start to occur in the region. Consequently, Chico Mendes decided to fight against ranchers who were opposed to his ideas. At first, as a leader, Chico started to act politically in order to garantee some rights to rubber tappers, founding unions and uniting them.

He also was the founder of a local council in Xapuri. He advocated the idea of creating many forest reserves that could be managed by traditional communities, and sustainably harvesting goods such as rubber and Brazik Nuts. He is a reference for all rubber tappers , once that he banded them together in a National Union. He also won two international environmental awards . Above all, Chico mendes was a real risk taker and unfortunately, because of this he paid a high price foor such a great endeavor: his life. On December, 22 in 1988 Chico was murdered by ranchers opposed to his ativism.
I am writing in response to...

Dear Alex: YES - you will see this written in Letters to the Editor...but I am endeavouring to polish your English to a standard that would be regarded as 'educated'. You would not see this in Letters to the Editor in The Times (the most prestigious newspaper in the UK.)

If someone asked, "What are you doing?", I might respond, "I am writing/I'm writing a letter to the editor of The Times." Here, I am using the Present Continuous tense, directly referring to the action that I am performing right NOW (with a beginning ( I know when I started to do this) and a foreseeable end (when I finish the letter). In my mind, I see myself as performing this act of inviting you, and foresee your act of responding.

Your recent editorial, advocating the re-introduction of the death penalty prompts (NOT 'is prompting') me to...
We use the Present tense because it refers to a FACT. I either write, or I don't. The editorial has stirred me, and whilst other citizens may not write to you to agree/protest, I choose to write and express my opinion.

your letter about the lack of role models today.
This sounds odd, logically. There's always someone locally that people admire, look up to, -a role model - as opposed to some global celebrity that teenagers admire, who is then found to be a drug-using wife-beater who molests children. No...NO role models even locally? Or no celebrity role models on the world scene (since celebrities' lives (ESPECIALLY the scandalous aspects) are splashed across the headlines and TV screens that nobody seems 'pure' enough to be a role model for children these days?

Surely, the writer can't really mean "NO"? Who specifically is he referring to, so that your response is focused. If he is being far too generalized - a sweeping dismissal and condemnation - your letter may be different!
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I tried to highlight specific text above, to make it clearer, but as usual, the word processor is erratic.

You might like to consider: which does a groom say to his bride at the altar -

I am giving this ring as pledge of my undying love.


I give this ring as pledge of my undying love.

...and the priest does not say:
Look at me everyone...look at what I'm doing, I'm pronouncing them man and wife.
I pronounce...
Good evening Terry,
I read "The Guardian" everyday. I thought it was better than the others. I will rewrite and post the letter once again.