As for Harvey, she begins each day by walking her two dogs before going to her part-time job. She leaves the dogs in her car with its windows cracked while she works.

What's the meaning of 'cracked' in this context. I don't think it means the windows are broken though that's the common meaning for the word.

Thanks in advance!
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Right. the windows are not broken. They are slightly open. In the case of a door, the word to use is 'ajar'.

[When is a door not a door? When it is ajar.]
It means open a little bit. Enough so air flows in, but not so much that someone can reach a hand in and open the door.

EDIT: Philip was faster!
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Thanks, Philips and GG.

Since we're on this, what do you say if a car door is not shut tightly that the indicator for doors lights up. Do you still say ajar even though there's no visible gap?

Thanks in advance!
No, you say "Oh man! Who didn't shut their door all the way?! Oh hell, is it the hatch again? Wait, let me pull over. Becky can you run back and open and shut that thing hard? Thanks honey."

EDITED to fix a really weird typo!
Who didn't just shut their door all the way?! ( I think a word is missing here, am I right?)

I assume hatch is trunk,right.

Also, do you have an adjective for it?

Thanks in advance, GG.
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Sorry, I don't know why my fingers typed "just" when I meant to type "shut"!

A hatch is a vertical door in the back. A sedan has a trunk/boot, but a "hatchback" has a hatch. This is the type of car I have. (It's actually tiny - way smaller than a mini-van or an SUV, but without a person there it's hard to tell.) I don't know that there's an adjective, because it's clearly not "ajar." It's just "not shut all the way."

Thanks for the nice picture, GG. I believe new models are able to automatically open and shut the hatch/trunk. Actually mine does that autonomously. It opens and closes as it wish. I have fixed it twice! Emotion: sad
My hatch opens and closes the old fashioned way - I have to do it. But you really have to make sure that there's absolutely nothing in the way - it appears closed until I get in the car, and the little "door open" light comes on.
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