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"Ditto", well done Pieter, good to see positive progress.. Is poetry popular in Hungary, are there poetry clubs etc..?
Congratulations guyEmotion: smile

I hope that UR name be like chaxbeir Emotion: wink
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Tks a lot friends. I just woke up and glanced at the letter., and checked my mail. Both made me feel good. Yes, Hitch poetry and literature in general is quite popular among Hungarians. The language of course ( spoken by only 15 million people as a mother tongue) is an immense impediment for authors becoming well known. This year's Nobel prize though was given to a Hungarian, Imre Kertesz( He wrote a lot in German, that could be the reason too). I really need a good professionist translator, to put my English into REAL English poetry and then , maybe I can get them published. Which would be really fantastic.
P.S. There are examples of writers who became famous in another culture, like Emil Cioran, a Romanian philosopher and writer who was writing in French. This made me think about a new thread for The Topic of the Day : When is it advisable to start learning a foreign language, at what age?
First, congratulations on your achievement.

I was just wondering about your finding a professional translator. If you have a translator translate your poem for you, wouldn't that defeat some of the power of your poems? They are written in Hungarian and the ambassador found that power in Hungarian words. If you have someone translate that into English, then the translator would be the one choosing the words for you. How sure are you that those are the words you would use if you were to be the one to write in English. For all I know, the real power of the poem is not only the idea or theme behind it, but the words carefully chosen to represent the idea. Don't quote me on that because as I've said from a previous thread, I am not an poetic or artistic person. I thought I should put that in, though.
There is no rule on what is the right age to learn a foreign language, but it is during one's childhood learning a foreign language, is a lot easier and faster. I was just reminiscing about one of my questions as a child. Before, I wonder why is that I knew the time slots of virtually all programs on television, while my older sisters and my parents did not, even though they have been watching TV longer than I did. Now, it strucked me. I no longer know many of the time slots of even a few number of TV programs. It's because I've gathered so many information that my brain, though scientists say that brain can store infinite amount of informaation, takes a while to store more things. Hopefully, my brain is not deteriorating yet coz I'm still young.

Anyway, going back to your questions, if you are really resolute on learning another language, then it's not too late because you are still breathing! You seem to be pretty good in English already. You probably want to work on formal rules and grammar of the language. Many may disagree, but that's just my two cents. Also, a trip to an English-speaking country wouldn't hurt if that wouldn't be much of a problem for yaEmotion: smile .
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Jacko, the poems are written in English, as you can see in the Poetry part of this site. I need someone to put it into REAL native English, and also keeping the strenghts, images, emotions, etc. in them.
Oh. Sorry for that misconception.
Also, I'm sure there are online sites out there that could do that for ya. Maybe you could find help from http://poetry.com
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