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What are some of the most crazy things that have happened to you in the classroom? What are your most memorable anecdotes?

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Hi Punky

I haven't had anything really strange or funny yet while teaching English as I'm still too new to it. I remember when I was teaching first aid. I had decided rather than just discussing the types of wounds or showing pictures I would ask volunteers (from outside) to come in with made up wounds. The class was made up from members of the St John Ambulance Brigade so most were fairly experienced first aiders. There was one new member who was a real 'hard man'. A stereo-typical meat-head. About 1 second after he saw the fake blood, that was it - he'd passed out. He never did come back. [6]

On another occasion, there was a person having an epileptic fit outside unaware to me, all the students who were used to me making demonstrations realistic. They just stepped over this person, thinking the person was acting on my instructions -whoops! Emotion: embarrassed
the most crazy moent in my life in my classroom

when i was teaching grade 12

they were so baaaaaaaaaaad



never study

every day they brought something new !!

i was mad