Hi friends i need a help from you.I liked to create my own operating system.So for that i liked to take linux as example for create a operating system.I know linux is open source operating system.I searched in net and many books but i can not find the open source.Can you all help me friends
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Hi i hae no idea but you must be very clever!
Head here: http://mikeos.sourceforge.net /

It's a good starting point, and I'm developing an extended OS named Apollo based on it. It worked for me - but you definitely need to read up on C, x86 Assembly Language and system architectures to get to the bottom of it. But the source code is good and stable, and if you use some Linux emulators, then it can be a quick way of doing things. The only downside is that it's only 16-bit, but give it a few months and I'll have developed a 32-bit OS for you to take a look at!
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Hi mate,

so you wanna create your own operation system, hmm...I don't know what your programming skills are, but this is certainly not for the rookie programmer..Emotion: wink You need to be skilled especially in theassembler language to be able to create really fast and powerful OS core. Then you're gonna have to write hardware device code,to be able to manipulate the hardware components. When I was studying at the university, I was assigned to the project, where we had to write simple WIN32 hardware device upon an easy VGA graphic card...Hey man, what can I say, that was nightmare!.Emotion: sad..How someone said in this thread....I'm sure that you don't wanna do this as well..:-) But If you just want to study an LINUX Open source, then go ahead...:-)

Good luck in studying

Best wishes

Well there was one forum i read few month ago that you need to know C/C++ programing language because it is the accembly language and it is easier to communicate with BIOS of the computer. Then you have to load the system itself. You can't make an OS in BASIC or VISUAL BASIC or compatiable compilers because they dont put all the libraries in the software but links to it which is only available to windows. Any way i also want to make my own os. The real problem comes to make libraries for most hardware resourses.
Iam learning some operating system concepts in this site


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Create operating system more simple Emotion: computerEmotion: ninja

operating system tutor

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Hi. I want to create my own OS. I can code in php, pascal and object pascal, I almost have a team. One of us can write in c++. Can anyone tell me how to start?

can u help me??i have a problem..my prof told us to create a operating system she gives me an a example..w/c is QBASIC..can you help me???i want to have any hand out w/c i can see the procedure. step by step...plz!e mail me at <Email address removed by a mod. Please register and put your contact information in your profile.> tnx a lot God bless
hello..plz help me...!!do u know a bokk of how to create a operating system...title and author!!!plz i need it...i know i cnt pay but 1 thing i know that the Lord will blessed you...Godbless
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So on www.linuxfromscratch.org where does it tell you how to create an operating system?Emotion: surprise
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