Hi friends i need a help from you.I liked to create my own operating system.So for that i liked to take linux as example for create a operating system.I know linux is open source operating system.I searched in net and many books but i can not find the open source.Can you all help me friends
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hi this is sarath chandra
the same thing i wanted to make but the linux has many kernel modules if we prepare our own kernel we can achive the goal

i had the kernel source code of the linux kernel

my aim is also to create the operating system of my own if u can help me may i think we will achive the goal

my contact mail id id : <removed by mod. Please register and add it to your profile only.>

and you send the mail id of your's to my mail
hi dude can u give me sites names thru which i get something which will help in creating an os from c++
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If you want to create an operating system i don't suggest you start from scratch, don't reinvent the wheel just modify it to meet your needs...i suggest you get freebsd and do some modifications to it the hand book shows you how to do it...i was gonna say good luck but you won't need it, you just need patience, persistence, motivation, and confidence...by the way apple used freebsd to build the MAC operating system... Emotion: smile
thank u for giving a such good infermation to me
open source means not open source code dude,unlike Microsoft u get the names of source who developed open source OS.u dont get Kernel source but u can write your own System call's in root and give the path of your code so tht your code will boot
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i will help you in making OS ,
where are you from
second thing
is if you ever read this msg then mail me at Email Removed
writting os is not a easy thing unless it is non networking and it is comand line 16bit
u need to know many things such as MRB,BOOTING,COLD BOOTING,WARM BOOTING,POST and microprocessor architecture
u need to know "LOW LEVEL C" or "2GL i.e. assembly
by have a nice day
sir can you pleas tell me some books about making "operating system"
Operating Systems Design and Implementation by Andrew Tanenbaum.
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