Hi friends i need a help from you.I liked to create my own operating system.So for that i liked to take linux as example for create a operating system.I know linux is open source operating system.I searched in net and many books but i can not find the open source.Can you all help me friends
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why not .we have brain.if we decided we can do anything in the world be coonfidence
hi evn i want to develop my own os
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I know that you can, but you should think carefully. Instead of create an OS, you can create an Web OS. I think this is great.
Hi friends

creating os is not a simple.Who have knowledge in how it work and files to boot system.So first study how working os
You need a lot of patience for that.
Read a programming language first(C,C++)
Then Assembly.
Then try to understand how linux kernel works.
Try to develop the OS for your computer first and then try to port it for other systems.

While learning C,C++ try to make applications that you can use for your OS.
Build the OS part by part so that it becomes stable.

Rome was not built in a day.
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Linux is a clone of the operating system Unix. You can get from here Linux.com

THX FOR THE LINKEmotion: money[H]

I think its difficult. Better to choose linux.org for leaning more about linux.
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No scope but you can contributre to linux os that will be better.........
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