Hi friends i need a help from you.I liked to create my own operating system.So for that i liked to take linux as example for create a operating system.I know linux is open source operating system.I searched in net and many books but i can not find the open source.Can you all help me friends
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It depends on what you are looking for in an OS. To write a basic OS kernel is pretty simple, and it should take a competent programmer maybe a month or so. Note, that by OS, here I don't mean an OS like Windows or Linux that supports a huge set of hardware and has all kinds of bells and whistles (that could take years), but something that manages memory and can read and write from a diskdrive and boots itself. Get a book on OS design and brush up on your C (you can write an OS in mostly any language, but most books on OS design use C so if you want to use another language you will have to translate). After you get a basic input-output OS running, you can add to it as you see fit.

There are a number of open source OSes out there . . . Linux. FreeBSD, Plan9, ReactOS, and so on . . . you may want to download the sources for some of these and look at them for some pointers.
Its not a simple task. Need a good knowledge about Programming language and we cant do in a week or months. Its a long time process.
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try to make Linux better......1
You need years of experience and you have to learn the basics first. What part of learning don't you understand.
dUDE,,think twice...i also want to create my own so i did many research about it..os developing requires a lot of knowledge in computer science, patience, determination. it is also time consuming. i read an article written by a full-time software engineer, he said he has been developing operating system for seven years (you read that right, as in SEVEN YEARS) and he still not done.
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