Emotion: smileHi....

I want to share with u this page that I found a long time ago.... U can create ur cartoon face.....

It free! Give it a try!.... I would like u see alll of u!

http://www.faceyourmanga.it /

Here is a example:

I hope u like it!
Hello there, I wanted to have some cartoon faces like that but I couldn't know how. I get it now, thanks a lot, it's so kind of you to share it with everyone.

Have a nice day and all the best wishes Emotion: smile

It's very nice. Thank you. Emotion: smile
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Nice Luis , thanks for sharing.

I made a similar avatar using this site , it was nice.

Although I didn't make it exactly like me .. But I tried Emotion: big smile

Here is mine:

I've made 2 of myself. The first was quite a while ago and looked like this:

(missing image)

Then I got a haircut and decided to make a new one - which ended up looking like this:

(missing image)

I really think they're great fun - and I love making these little cartoons.
I don't find any hair giving part there? I don't think that can manga my face. :-(
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Emotion: sadvery goood face dude yoyu reallyEmotion: dancerock