Please tell me if it is creative or critical thinking here. I have this doubt because it is critical thinking at all other places. In the source it is creative thinking
( My guess-Can it be so for critical thinking is nothing but one dimension of creative thinking?) 
The aim of teaching is to create in the qualitative elevation of mind and exaltation of character or ideals or conduct. What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. A good teacher cannot be partial or narrow-minded. A worthy idea of a teacher can motivate students to act positively and achieve their noble objectives. What a teacher is has an ennobling impact on the students and reawaken them to accomplish marvellous goals in the years to come. Unfortunately, it is a disturbing reality that many of the teachers are unintentionally partial and their thoughts are malformed. These distorted thoughts adversely affect the nature and calibre of teaching and eventually the prospects of the students. A teacher should painstakingly and methodically develop elegance in thought and action by nurturing critical thinking. Critical thinking is an approach to any concept or issue in which the thinker enriches the worth of his thinking by expertly monitoring and controlling the structures that are inherent in the thought process. The outcome of creative thinking approach can be impressive with teachers developing clearness in thought. A highly-developed critical thinking teacher introduces significant questions and issues to deal them intelligibly and exactly. He collects and considers pertinent data and assesses and efficiently translates the information to logical conclusions. This mode of approach is of vital significance for a teacher. This enables the teacher to think objectively and communicate skillfully with others to arrive at likely answers to complex questions. Such an approach help the teacher delve deep into depths into the complexities of the problem at hand and emerge with a satisfying resolution. Introduction of critical thinking in teaching has enormous implication as it can bring tremendous changes in the students and mould them in such a manner that they are equipped with the thought process essential for accomplishing their aims and objectives in life.
It could be either, Suresh—and really, the passage has other and worse compositional problems than that. It is thick and muddy.
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One thing; some of the most effective teachers are extremely narrow minded. They are called masters. Some teachers are obsessed only with the subject they teach. They may not care about people or relationships whatsoever. A teacher can be very closed minded and still be an excellent teacher. That doesn't mean they are necessarily friendly or a well-rounded individual.