The company I work for is performing a "project naming contest" and I need your help on that. the prize winner will receive a laptop computer Emotion: smile

the project is Supply Chain Management project and the company is very well known with at least 35000 employee.

the project aims- for those who don't know Supply Chain Management- at streamlining all operations, process, producers and system affecting the flow of feedstock, raw material products, information and payments between our company, its suppliers and customers in the most efficient and cost effective way- sometimes it extends to its supplier's supplier & customer's customer

the name should reflect the project aim and should reflect the company global image. creative and easy pronunciation.

hint: the company deals with basic industries, chemical, metals, etc.

please squeeze your brain and let's get the laptop ...
Dibs on the hard drive.
Can I have it every Wednesday?
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
World-wide Web
How about: Stream Netway
Or: X-Stream Netway
How about The TTP* Project?

*TTP=The TTP Project
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(Links in the supply chain... get it?)

Now, I could use a new CD reader/writer. I'll take that part.