Hi, I am posting my first puzzle here. .

This is a cricket puzzle.

There are two balls left for the match to be completed. Each player on either side are at 94 runs. At the end of the match, both score a century.

Can someone guess how would that be possible???

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
If there were loads of no balls because they do not count a a ball
Hello friends,

Can someone let me know if you're not able to understand the puzzle...or if it is not clear......

I was expecting my first thread to be interesting...but did not find any responses.....

let me wait.... Emotion: smile
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Ok, I'm not the greatest cricket lover in the world but here goes.

First i thought that the batsman hit a six,( but during the few seconds that it took to get there) the batsmen ran and having crossed the other batsman would face the last ball, and he could hit a six to give them a 100 each but i guess that is too simple.

So , Fielders occasionally wear helmets when close fielding, when not is use they often place them on the ground behind the wicketkeeper.If the ball touches the helmet then 5 runs are awarded to the batting side.

So if the next to last ball batsman takes a single and the ball touches the helmet on the floor then he would be awarded another 5 runs to give him 100, then the last ball is hit for 6 by the other batsmen that gives both batsmen 100.

( probably not right but it's the best i can come up with.)
the first player hits the ball and runs.he takes two and starts for the third.at this moment there is an overthrow which goes for four .so batsman 1 gets 6 runs and scored a century and batsman 2 is on strike.he hits the last ball for a six,scores his century and wins the match.

that was a right guess.......

Thanks that my thread was identified.......

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That was a nice try.... However, for the first try, when a person hits a six, no matter what he runs, he has to face the ball again. So no question of the other player facing the ball. For your second try, when he is awarded 5 runs, again the run which he runs again will not be considered.


Pravi....... Emotion: smile
I am not able to see the game
The first player hits a no-ball for a six and stays in strike. He completed his century. He gets run out next ball with the second batsman at the striker's end....Thesecond batsman hits a six and the match's over...HOWZATT?!?!


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