Have you ever read crime and punisment by dostoyevski? It's a fantastic book after i read it,i could understand comunism,poverty and the incredible sciology of murderer.It is a really masterpiece of the world literature.
I think the author understood a lot of psychology. After Raskolniko killed the mean woman and her sister, his conscience always bothered him. In the end, he salved his conscience by confessing the crime. He was a clever man but he was not bad enough. I was not sure that he really needed to rob, but he really wanted to test his theory.
it's a bit different approach but i think raskolnikov was really poor and the direction system of russia made him killed the woman.
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He was poor as well as eccentric. He thought it was ok to kill the woman for her money. So he could finish his law edcuation. Then he would be a great man and contribute great things to society. It seemed to me he was comparing himself to Napoleon when he wrote some article. The detective read the article and suspected him. If he really needed the money to survive, he could work with his fat friend. That fat friend became his sister's husband. To me what great about the book is about Raskolnikon's conscience after the heinous crime. It kept bothering him. At the end of the book, he said he killed the woman. He could have gotten away with murder. Giving himself up was the only way to clear his bad conscience.