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Are you actually yr7?!!! This is extremely good for a yr7. Emotion: clap
i absolutely love itEmotion: big smile

but you call that short??Emotion: hmm

anyway i used it for my english homework and the teacher said it was excellent!![Y]

thanxEmotion: wink

Emotion: giggle
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Holy i need to do the exact same thing but im in year 8 and only need to do a page and can only think up 2 lines lol but amazing story !!
THE STORY IS AMAZINGLY EPIC IT SOUNDS SOO REAL but shouldnt there be a little more detective work that MUGGINS has to do to make sure the SPENCER was the kiler ???
what the story call?
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Omg it's soooo goood I m using it but modifying a bit....and making a bit more suspense full...but thanku soooo much it gave me an idea!!!!! thanku!!! Thanku!!! Thanku !!! Emotion: smile Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
Land of the sliver birch
home of the beaver
where still the mighty moose wanders at will
blue lakes and rocky shores
I will return once moreEmotion: rock
Emotion: waitEmotion: clapwhat level is it
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That was an amazing short story I hope to see moreEmotion: yesEmotion: smile
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