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Could you tell me the difference between criminal and offender?

Thanks a lot.
According to OneLook, it is quite simple-- an offender is one who transgresses moral or civil law, while a criminal is one who transgresses criminal law. I think that folks mix them up quite a bit, though. I would consider offender the more general term.
I think the difference is in the deed. A crime is something serious (doesn't have to be a murder, though), whereas an offend is pettier. A criminal is always an offender, but an offender is not necessarily a criminal.
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Perhaps you need to ask a lawyer. Here's a grammarian's opinion.

criminal one who commits a crime. This is not normally said of someone who, for example, gets a a parking ticket.

offender One who offends someone / one who commits an illegal act. It might be said of someone who gets a parking ticket. However, it is also used, here in Canada, in the phrase 'repeat offender', describing a person who may be sentenced to a very long period in jail for serious crimes. The word 'offender' is not used a great deal. I usually hear 'offending person', 'offence', 'offend'.

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