Please look at the image below.

Is Princess Kate crossing her ankles?

She sits with her legs crossed.

Is she crossing her legs, not ankles?
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HUBLOTIs she crossing her legs, not ankles?
She's sitting with her legs crossed.
I'm wondering what "cross one's ankles" means.

... she's going to cross her ankles and she's going to have her knees at forty five degrees.
Obviously if you want to target a particular set of muscles then you need to be very specific about where exactly your legs have to crossed, at what degrees and so on. In everyday conversation, "sitting with her ankles crossed" instead of "sitting with her legs crossed" would sound very unusual.
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Emotion: cryingI'm still confused as to why "cross one's ankles" is not correct.
Hope this is helpful. There are several figures of leg crossing which, according to experts, can reveal something about a person.
In everyday life, people don't necessarily go into details about which part of the legs are crossed. But there is a difference. To be a little bit more precise, the posture shown was " sitting with legs crossed " (at the shin bones, not quite at the ankles).

Most people will also generally refer the picture below as "leg crossing" but the crossing takes place above the shin bones, which is slightly different than the OP picture.

Here is an excerpt from a website:http://changingminds.org/techniques/body/parts_body_language/leg_body_language.htm


Crossing legs is much easier when sitting and can take several different forms.
Crossing ankles is a minimal cross and can be fairly relaxed, especially when the legs are stretched forward and the person is leaning back (and more so if the hands are behind the head). When more tension is seen, for example in clenched hands, then this may be a signal of self-restraint.
An ankle cross with legs tucked under the chair can indicate concealed anxiety. The concern may be more obvious if the person is leaning forward.
Crossing knees may indicate greater anxiety or defensiveness, particularly if the legs appear tense and even more so if one leg is wrapped firmly around the other.
A relaxed cross with lower legs falling close together needs a wider pelvis and hence may be used as a sexual signal by women, particularly if they have exposed legs.