Can someone please explain the meaning of cross section in simple sentence structure?
I read the definition in dictionary but i cannot still comprehend the meaning of cross section.

a section made by a plane cutting anything transversely, esp. at right angles to the longest axis."
Imagine a tall rectangular cake, say 20 inches long and 10 inches wide and 10 inches high. The cake is made of many layers, like a black forest cake - say each layer is 1 inch thick, so there are 10 layers, with icing in between to hold them together.

Now imagine cutting a thin slice of the cake, not a little square of it, as we normally would do, but one half inch wide and 20 inches long. So each person would get a piece of cake 1/2 inch wide, 20 inches long and 10 inches high.

If you look at one side of your long piece, you can see all the layers of cake and icing going up to the height of 10 inches - you are looking at a cross-section.

It is common in geology, where geologists take a cross-section of the earth (e.g. a cut in a mountain for a highway, or a natural cut like the Grand Canyon), and you can see all the different layers which were deposited over millions of years. Geologists study the history of the earth by looking at cross-sections.
Hi Spacewater,

Imagine a long tree branch has fallen from a tree. It's too heavy to carry. You take a saw and you cut the branch into two pieces so you they are lighter. If you look at the cut you have just made, you are looking at the cross-section of the branch.

Imagine you have a loaf of bread and it's not cut. Cut a slice off the end. Turn the loaf so you're looking at the loaf where you've just cut. You're looking at the cross-section. If you cut another slice and hold up that slice, that's a cross-section too.

If you're talking about a cross-section of socicety, it means people from all different areas of society - not just the rich or the poor, not just those with a lot of education, not just those over the age of 60, etc., but all different types.