I'd like to know the difference between Computer Science Engeneering and Information Technology.
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Computer Science Engineering is all about how computers work; the mechanics and electronics of computers, and the creation of computer programmes. IT is about working with computers, learning how to use (and not create) software, and applying computer technology to realistic situations.

For example: an IT consultant would hire a computer engineer to design fax modem software to replace hardware faxes within an organisation's offices.
Which among the two fields is more competitive?
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CSE is better competitive than IT. (I'm doing CSE!)
"bvpraveen " Could you please explain a bit more about it. If you are conficent as you are saying CSE is more competitive than IT. It sounds you know a alot about both. I just recently started IT. so what could be future prospects of IT AND CSE. BOTH PLEASE SHARE YOUR KNOLEDGE......
Dear Fasi,

Firstly, I'm in my final year BE-CSE and I'm not an expert in CSE. So take all my words with a pinch of salt.

IT and CSE are 'almost' equal in terms of opportunities, except the fact that the former has latter has more opportunities than the former.

CSE is learning about programming languages and 'internals' of computer like Operating system, Microprocessor,etc. Whereas IT is all about the 'application' of CSE like Flash,etc.
They try to 'implement' in real-time applications what we(CSE) find.

But I'm sure that CSE is more competitive than IT. For eg., we have better placement opportunities for CSE than IT. Some companies come specifically for recruiting CSE.
It shouldn't bring you down, as the sky is the limit for both CSE and IT in terms of opportunities.

Best of luck for your bright IT future,
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Dear bvpraveen

Thanks for Best of luck and Best of luck to you as well.

In the outset, i would like to tell that i am not expirt though i am a student and trying to learn.
Any ways , I am very happy if we can share our knowledge with each other and can be benifical for our duscussion readers and wish to welcome other participants to express their ideas and experineces.
Discussion never means to bother anyone or letting down anyone . This could be the issue of sharing and thats it. I hope so all the professional reader and write will agree with me on this point.
I could be wrong in my opinions so duscussion means learn or teach .
Dear as for as my kowledge is concern.Now a days IT means everything for example i m trying to learn e-commerce and in our course our college includes in our subjects Networks, Application programming, Database Development, Internet Software developments beside all them Some web usabiliy issues (means critial opinion on web sites if they are usefull for IT concepts) then afterwards they try to cover some special e-business communication issues with the name of IT. I was a bit puzzle before if all these things are related with IT or not but these are infact.
I am not very familiar about the computer sciences engineering but what personally i think they sound similar .might be not 100% but to some extend or more.
What your experiences say?
Hi everybody,

I totally agree with what FASI and BVPRAVEEN said. Viewpoints of experienced people would be of great help to all of us, especially students (I too, am a student). However, I think, saying that a particular field in the vast and fast growing area of CSE is better, or more competitive than another field may confuse and even daunt some students. I think, going for a specific area depends upon one's understanding capability. I'm reading computer and Iformation technology, and as FASI pointed out, we have subjects related to hardware, including networking, OS and a bunch of subject related to information system and programming languages. Generally one chooses his area of specialization, base on what he/she thinks he/she understands the best, or based on the current job requirements.

As regards with that, the need of Computer Engineers and that of IT practitionners, varies from busness to busness, company to company, and above all, from country to country.
For example, I'm from Cameroon, and IT practionners are nowadays more demanded that Computer Engineers in Cameroon. The situation is as follow: whenever a company is born, it'll hire 4-5 network Engineers, to set up its network, and when the job is done, only one of them will be maintained in the company. However, the Busness will hire 2-3 DBAs, 2-3 system analysts, 2-3 developpers/programmers, permanently. This is the general scenario, and the number of employees depends on the size of the company, but the point is, the number of IT practitionners will always be greater than that of CSE...and I'm sorry to say that, sometimes, only one guy is hired to do the whole job.

The situation may be different in Asia (India , Bangladesh ) , Europe, or USA. So I think, competition between CS Eng and IT practionners is country and needs-dependent. But every one has to go for what he/she thinks he/she is good at.
I have to sign off now.

I will post my view probably tomorrow.
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