Hello everyone!

I'm doing a survey for my thesis about how people from foreign countries behave in different situations. Please take part in it: watch the film's episodes and answer the following questions. https://youtu.be/P2_sjEURwgo

1) What is your name? Where are you from?

2) How do you think what do characters feel? How would you or your behave in a stressful situation? What usually people say when something is going wrong? Please give some examples. 02:05-04:00

3) Is it customary to feast in this way? How do inhabitants of your country behave being guests? Being hosts? Is it common for hosts being so pushy (persistent)? If your guest doesn't want anything, will you be offended? 06:00-07:40, 09:10-10:33, 44:10-44:30

4) What have you understood after watching these episodes? Did similar traditions exist in your country? What do you think about such customs? 17:13-19:43, 01:14:10-01:18:13

5) Is it common to express one's emotions openly, to make too much gestures or to say rude words being angry or disatisfied? 42:20-44:09

6) Was anything strange or unclear in your opinion? Or alternatively everything was evident?

7) What genre this film is? Why do you think so?

Thank you so much for spent time!

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