Have you been to a country where you have been surprised to find the cultural stereotypes about that country are very different to the reality?

E.g. I think that the notion that British men (I am British) are gentle (gentlemen) may well be rather off the mark bearing in mind the problem we have with hooligans.

Or When I came to Japan I had imagined Japanese men to be like Toshiro Mifune or other heroes in Japanese period dramas and Yakuza movies -- macho, and not all that gentle -- but I find them to be generally gentle myself.

Replies, should anyone be so kind as to post any, will of course be subjective -- just how you feel -- and also only on a par with stereotype since there are off course all sorts of people in all the countries of the world.

Cultural stereotypes are something that should be addressed because there are people all over the world who are totally different from what we expect.

What you say is very true. I was hoping for some specific suggestions as to stereotypes that are directly at variance with reality.

This is not bad...


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When I have visited some countries, I don’t thought about stereotypes.. places with different cultures and history, fantastic building and nature different from the city in which I live, included in my life some impressions and new experience